The Wild Alligator
Josiah, Age 8, Glidden, WI

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Josiah. She had a wild alligator as a pet. Two men came a long in a canoe and the alligator ate the canoe in one big bite.

The men got away, but they were not happy. Later they caught the alligator with a huge net. They put the alligator in a cage that was made of steel.

The next morning, they got into their old red rusty truck and drove 100 miles to where the alligator was being kept. When they got there the alligator was gone. Josiah got there first. She let the alligator out of the cage and brought it to the zoo. 

A week later, the men came back to the river looking for the alligator.  Then they saw a baby alligator.  The two men tried to catch it, but Josiah saved it and brought it to the zoo so that it can live with its mother.

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