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Judy Andrekson. JB Andrew: Mustang Magic
Tundra  $8.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-837-8  78 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

Early dawn light shone softly on the mare's dark hide as she picked her way through the thick brush. Her shoulders and flanks were damp with sweat, and she paused now and then to listen, wait, and nip gently at her bulging sides. She had left the herd farther down in the valley and wandered up the mountainside alone, searching for just the right spot.

As he grew up wild, in Winnemucca, he was taught the ways of the herd. But is suddenly caught and brought to an inmate prison where he would become "adoptable". Tommy, a prisoner, takes notice of the big, stocky horse and eventually gets to the point to where he is Green Broke. Later Ginger Scott buys him, originally for western riding. Once at Table Mountain Ranch in Golden, he’s named Andy, but is then donned too big for western riding and its fast movements, so Andy then gets a trainer/friend named Kelly O'Leary who teaches him the way of dressage while moving through levels and friends that come with each new stable that passes.

Judy Andrekson grew up in Nova Scotia loving horses just like the other girls her age except with a pen in one hand and a lead rope in the other. When she turned twenty, she moved to Alberta, where she could pursue her great love of horses. Once there, she worked for six years managing a racehorse farm. At age thirty she had also began to write seriously. This book is for ages 9 and up. Other books by Judy Andrekson are Little Squire: The Jumping Pony, Miskeen: The Dancing Horse and Fosta: Marathon Master

JB Andrew is the story of a black mustang taken away from its natural life and transformed into a high-class dressage horse. If you know the basics of horses, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this book. If you ride English and do a bit of dressage, then definitely you should read this book; you’ll love it. It maybe confusing at times if you’re not a horseperson, and even though I am a horse person, I was a little confused at a few spots when there talking about the order of moves for a dressage competition. If you dislike TRUE horse stories, then… stay away! This is the history of a horse made into a legend that was named Jail Bird Andrew.

I’ll give JB Andrew: Mustang Magic 5 transformed stars!!


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