Chicken Story
Sarah, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

One time I got in the car and my step mom gave me a card. Inside it said "Let's go get chicks!" She said it meant we were going to get baby chickens. I was so excited! We went to the chicken place and got three Rhode Island Reds, three ISA Browns, and three Anconas. Then we drove home. We put the chickens in a tub in the bathroom.

I was there all afternoon. Friday I came to my dad's and the chicks were there. That time we had the cat inside, so when I did not shut the door all the way by accident, the cat got in and ate one of the Rhode Island Reds! I was so sad. Then when my parents got home we had a little talk and had dinner. Then my Grandpa and Grandma came over to drop off some pictures. We showed them the chicks but we did not tell them about the problem. A month later we got a special cage in the garage and put the chicks in it. Soon we started to put the chicks in some chicken wire outside often. I like having chickens!

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