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Marion Woodson. Dinosaur Fever
Dundurn  $11.99  ISBN 978-1-55002-690-0  159 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, age 10

The great animal guards her nest. Ten eggs are snug and warm under a blanket of rotting vegetation. She turns her head sideways and lowers her ear, listening for sound from inside the egg shells. It won’t be long now--some of the nearby nests are already squirming with big-eyed, limp-bodied newborns.

She dozes in the warm sunshine. The air is pungent with the smell of conifer sap and animal sweat.

Adam Zapotica is a 15-year-old crazy about dinosaurs, and when a group of paleontologists uncover a major cache of dinosaur eggs, he knows he just has to go. But there’s a catch- he’s too young! Regardless, he bikes all the way to Milk River Ridge in Alberta, and once there he meets Mr. Jamieson, the head guy. Adam has a plan.

Author Marion Woodson is a full time writer and lives in Nanaimo, BC. She has published 4 books, including My Brothers Keeper and Charlotte's Vow, both books for young people. The Canadian Children’s Book Centre selected Charlotte’s Vow as Our Choice.

I thought that Dinosaur Fever was a great book. It includes little parts of the past-mini stories of what it was like for Hypacrosaurs, a duckbill, which are very interesting. For people who don’t take interest in dinosaurs, this might not be a good novel for you. There is a bit of romance between Jamie and Adam, so if you like romance "dig " in and enjoy it.

Victoria digs Dinosaur Fever and gives it 4 stars.


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