Disabled Hollywood
Anthony, Age 13, Easton, CT

Many people around the globe have disabilities. A disability is something that holds you back from doing normal activities. The disability we are studying is called “Schizophrenia.” Schizophrenia is a disability that affects the brain. Sometimes threatening or condemning voices may be heard inside the head. They may also give orders such as, ”kill yourself”. There’s always a danger that such orders will be obeyed! People who are ill may have visual hallucinations. A study showed that in 1911, Eugen Bleuler, first used the word Schizophrenia. Although the word Schizophrenia comes from the Greek words, “split” and “mind,” people with Schizophrenia do not have split personality. This “spit mind” refers to the way that reality is for them; they cannot tell what is real and what is not real.

During the olden days, people with disabilities were all treated as intellectually disabled. Today we treat every disease with different care and help make disabled peoples' lives more liveable. In our school, we help people with disabilities by giving them more attention. This way they don’t feel left out.

Even people who you thought were perfect, such as Tom Cruise and Michael J. Fox have disabilities. Tom Cruise has dyslexia, this is a disability that affects how a person reads, to them the letters in a word may appear jumbled up or backwards, and Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s disease. This is a neurological disability that affects the motor skills. As well as Patty Duke who has MDD (manic depression disorder) which affects the mind; it causes the person to have mood swings, social depression, and extreme irritability.

Even ancient people such as Franklin Roosevelt had polio disease which weakens your muscles.

In conclusion, we can say that many actors and famous people have different disabilities that many of us non disabled people didn’t know about.

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