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Derek Benz & J.S. Lewis. The Fall of the Templar (Grey Griffins, Book III)
Orchard Books  $15.99  ISBN 978-0-439-83776-7  282 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

A spray of lake water swept over the side of the boat, hitting Natalia full in the face. She sputtered in annoyance and began to wring out her braids as Ernie handed her his blanket. "What about you?" asked Natalia, looking at him suspiciously. "You aren't even wearing a coat."

"I don't get cold anymore," Ernie shrugged. "I never know what new power I'm going to get next. Tomorrow I might get super strength."

"Or you could be dead," finished Cain Lundgren.

Ernie gulped.

Who would have thought that when a young boy discovered a strange book in his grandmother's attic it would end up with an incredibly important mission and violent encounters with vampires, trolls and even dragons? As the epic battle between the forces of good (our heroes Max, Natalia, Harley) and evil (the wicked Lord Sumner and Morgan la Fay) rages on, another Knight of Templar lies in a magical coma, unable to aid in the rescue of the land of Faerie. As Max grapples with his father's betrayal and tries to save the entire world, Lord Sumner controls a huge army of monsters and holds the mystical Spear of Ragnarok, a weapon that is threatening to unleash the power of a second Ice Age! As the Grey Griffins struggle into the Underworld, they face many perilous challenges from all sides. The underground maze is treacherous to navigate and even if they do survive, a terrible foe is lying in wait for them at the end of the labyrinth. Can Max free Ernie from his enchanted coma and save the world, or will everything be over, covered in a thick blanket of snow?

Wow! This book is one heck of a wild ride. Strange monsters, a healthy dose of action and the classic battle between good and evil set the stage for an exciting race to the finish line, or the last page. Fans will be hungry for more of the Grey Griffins, so it's a good thing a fourth book in the series is in the works. Fantasy, adventure and pre-pubescent angst round off the list of things you'll find in the series and, although it might not be terribly original, The Fall of the Templar still manages to please, while adding in a few twists and turns here and there. Maybe I'm not in the target age-range to enjoy this book completely, but children between the ages of 9 and 12 will eat up the adventures of the Grey Griffins. A pleasurable read for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy every once in a while.

I give The Fall of the Templar four stars.


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