The Golden Locket
Krysta, Age 13, Pearland, TX

“Pleasant dreams, dear.” As Sammy slightly drifts off to sleep, she looks at her golden locket, and remembers how every night Sammy went to bed her Great Grandma would tell her “The gold on the heart represents the gold in yours.”

She told that to herself every night after her grandma died a couple years back. Her eyelids slowly close and she falls asleep. Immediately Sammy awakens after she hears a soft voice whispering her name.

She started towards her dresser, reached in the bowl which held the golden locket and she felt nothing! Sammy panicked she looked all over her room and all over the house but she found nothing! She picked up the phone and called her best friend Harlie. As she was talking to her she said that she knew a few people that might have stolen her necklace. Harlie sighed. “Okay, my first suspect is Tyler my ex boyfriend. Ever since I broke up with him he has always been trying to steal it from me. Then there's my Mom because she was always jealous that Great Grandma gave the necklace to me and not her. She is always in my room acting like she is cleaning but I know she is really trying the necklace on. Also you."

"Why me?” Harlie said.

“I always see you staring at my necklace.” said Sammy. “I think you pay more attention to the necklace than me”.

“That’s not true, I just think it’s gorgeous!!” said Harlie. “Well I don’t know but I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye.”

Sammy hung up the phone and threw it on the bed. She called her cat Rumpy. Rumpy jumped on the bed. Sammy stroked her silky fur. While pulling the covers over her head she heared the soft voice again. She looked up and nobody was there. The next morning she remembered that she had left her camera on all night and checked the footage she caught. At first the necklace was there, she fast forwarded it to 15 minutes later. The necklace was gone. That means who ever stole it did it fast but she didn’t see anybody go in her room except her cat scampering across the room. She wondered why. So she went through the footage again but in normal speed. She saw her cat climb up on the dresser. There was a ball of yarn by the bowl. While Rumpy was trying to get the yarn the bowl fell on the ground and the necklace fell in the fish tank. She looked up and saw a gold gleam out of the fish tank. She jumped off her bed and ran to her fish tank plunged her hand into the water and pulled out the locket. She was so excited she grabbed the phone and called Harlie.

She told her it was just a big misunderstanding. They both said sorry and hung up the phone. She heard a loud BOOM! She ran to the window and found Tyler on the ground making another attempt to steal he necklace. She saw him and just laughed. After Tyler ran out of her backyard she saw an old lady walking down the hallway. She slowly walked towards the door and saw her Great Grandma. Sammy was freaked out, she slammed the door and bounced on top of her bed and tried to go to sleep. She was closing her eyes when she heard a soft little voice say “The gold on the heart represents the gold in your heart. Pleasant dreams, dear.”

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