Jessy, Age 11, Langley, BC

It was a dull night.

No stars, no lights. Just gloomy, pure darkness which was supported by thick layers of alarming fog. Gracie and Bell stared out the frosted window, struggling to hide their tears from each other.

“I miss her so bad already!” Gracie murmured, “Where is she?”

Gracie’s bossy older sister Bell tried to act grown up and calm.

“Stop being a cry baby! Gracie-bell isn’t coming back. Don’t you get it? She’s dead! Gone forever!”

Although Bell was snapping like her mother would, she felt a scoop of deep sorrow inside herself. Gracie and Bell both remembered clearly, the first time they met their beloved pet Gracie-bell.

Two years ago, when Gracie was seven and Bell was nine, they met the cat in front of their driveway. It was a cat with pure, white fur and sparkling brown eyes. It was too pretty to be called a “stray cat.” Gracie and Bell daringly picked it up, and went inside the house, to fight a war with their pet-denying mother.

“What are you two girls up to now? Bringing a stray cat into the house? Throw it away outside this moment!” mother grouched, as the girls had absolutely expected.

“No, mother! Look how pretty it is! PLEASE let us keep it.” Gracie and Bell fought back, practically covered in fake, sneaky tears, holding onto their annoyed mother’s legs.

“What’s wrong with you girls? The answer is NO, NO, NO!”

Gracie and Bell’s mother didn’t change her mind no matter what, until Gracie and Bell’s father got home right on time.

“Daddy!” the two girls ran to him, realizing their dad was easier to convince than their mom. Their dad was an elderly man. He worked at a gas station, wearing a fat red vest and oil-smeared gloves. He had heavy bags under his wrinkled eyes, and he had lots of white hair.

“What’s going on?” he sighed, as he sat down on the nearby chair in tiredness. Gracie and Bell immediately showed their father the cat, which was shivering in unexpected fear and surprise.

“What’s this? A cat?” he said, as he took over the trembling cat in his lap.

“Yes, daddy. Isn’t it so pretty? Gracie wants her so bad.” Gracie said, in her cutest seven-year old voice. All adults loved that. They just couldn’t help it but spoil Gracie when they heard her dear voice! (Except for her mother, that is.)

“Well, honey, you know that stray cats could be very dangerous. You never know what kind of personality or background it has! Also, your mother is very disgusted with mammals.”

Gracie made her sad, puppy-face. Bell was cheering on silently behind poor Gracie. Gracie looked up to her sorry dad with her exaggeratedly big, tear-full eyes.

“Please, daddy~?” she whined.

Dad looked over at their mother helplessly. She had seated herself firmly on the sofa, lips pursed, and her eyes beyond the mountains. Then Gracie and Bell knew their mother was in deep thought.

They actually had a chance! Their mother stood up sharply, walking straight into the kitchen.

“You two are taking care of it. Not me!” she grouched, as she closed the door loudly. Gracie and Bell beamed. Their dad smiled in great relief. That’s how they gained their pet, in a hard way. The next obstacle that stood upon Gracie and Bell was naming their precious pet.

“Name it Snow White. It’s white, you know!” Gracie screamed.

“Stop being so childish! Name it Bella!” Bell screamed back. The two girls were arguing over what to name the white cat, when their mother came into the room, pressing in the gloomy mood along.

“If you girls don’t hush this moment, good-bye to the cat, okay?

The two girls nodded abruptly in surprise.

“And also, girls, not that I don’t want that cat to be thrown away, but, why not Gracie-bell for the name?” her mother suggested, as she walked away as quick as she has appeared.

Gracie and Bell grinned at each other. Now they had a both-approving name for the cat!


The cat and the girls had excellent times. Gracie-bell wasn’t mean at all. She soon got used to the family and transformed into a perfect, pet-like housecat. They went to picnics together, where there was a beautiful, sparkling lake. There was a perfect, shady spot underneath a large, fruitful tree, where the family sat around and had fun. Their grouchy mother even turned out to like Gracie-bell, once she realized how enchanting a pet could be.

Everything was going so well. Their dad even got a better job at a proper, well-paying company.

Well, of course, the shadow of death wrapped around Gracie-bell.

It was a deadly accident.

One moment Gracie-bell was going after a ball, the next moment a big, metal, four wheeled monster swept over her.

Then poof, their loved, cute kitty was buried in the dirt, 5 feet underground in a wooden box.

Gracie wept. Bell cried. Mom and dad hugged each of the girls from the back, trying to comfort and calm them down. It was pouring outside now, with bright streaks of monstrous lightening and a breathtaking storm. Trees shook feebly, and it looked just like Gracie-bell, trembling in fear when she first came to the house.

“Oh, Bell, it’s so sad! It seems as if the sky is crying too.” Gracie cried.

It was a gloomy night.

The next morning, it was the exact opposite of last night. The sky’s tears were forming fragile, but yet glorious jewels on the leaf tops. There was a bright, stretchy rainbow knitted up in the sky, and birds were chirping. Gracie and Bell immediately snapped out of their sleep and ran outside in their pajamas, to check on Gracie-bell’s grave.

To their surprise, they found an enormous box in front of their door. Bell quickly opened it, and “Whoa!” she screamed, as a white, brown eyed cat pounced up at her.


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