A Great Mom
Kristina, Age 14, West Point, NY

Whenever I turn I see you there,
your arms of love, and smile of grace.
I see why Dad fell for you,
you are as sweet as day!

Many people show love by kissing or hugging
but I show mine in a special Nina way,
the talking back and yelling,
as well as the stomping foot.
As you know Im sorry and I love you!

Many nights I sleep knowing I am safe,
Under my great protector.
The sweet chariot from the Lord gave
me to you because
he knew you would love me.
No matter how many times you
Want to wring my neck.

I give others nicknames but
I could never come up with anything
that would match how great you are.

I love you mom
Is what Im trying to say
And I think you are greater than
The man on the moon!

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