The Haunted House
Madison, Age 13, Pearland, TX

One night in a late October I was taking a walk in my neighborhood, when the moon was full. As I was walking, I thought I heard something out of the ordinary. The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. And just about to take off running, I saw two girls about the same age as me. They began to walk toward me, and I realized they were wearing all black.

Just to be nice, I thought that I would say “Hi. What are you doing out here?" The girl with the blond hair said, “We were just taking a walk.” I replied, ”Me too.” As I had gotten closer to the girls I noticed that not only were they wearing all black, it also looked like they were wearing their pajamas. As I was about to say something about this the girl with the black hair said “Would you like to come to a pajama party? I thought about it for a minute and decided that it might be fun-I accepted their invitation.

The three of us walked down the street to my house, so that I could change into my pajamas. The girls waited outside on the porch, while I quickly changed. Since I did not have any black pajamas, I put on my favorite pair of Sponge Bob pajamas, and grabbed my teddy bear, a blanket, and a pillow.

When I walked outside back out onto the porch, I had a weird feeling that the two girls had been talking about me. But I could have just been imaging it, right? Putting on a smile on my face I then asked “Where are we going?” The girl with the blond hair said, ”We are going to spend the night at my house. By the way my name is Kandace and this is my friend Marisa." I was so, glad they finally introduced themselves! Jubilantly, I said my name is Madison, and I am very glad to meet both of you.” After that we began to walk. For what seemed like forever, we walked in silence. Suddenly Kandace screamed “This is not the way to my house! I think were lost. Marisa, speaking for the first time all night said, “I don’t know where we are either.” Thinking quickly I said,” Why don’t we go over to the house across the street and see if we can use the phone?” The two girls looked at one another, and Kandace said,” I am not going in that big, scary house.” After Kandace said this, I knew it was going to be up to me to go and use the phone.

I slowly walked toward the house, with my two new friends following close behind me. As I got closer to the house, I began to get scared. The grass had not been mowed for along time and there was a lot of trash in the yard. Once we finally got to the porch, I noticed a lot of spider webs and bugs around the front door. I looked back at Kandace and Marisa, and they booth looked really scared. As I was about to ring the doorbell, I noticed that the door was open a little so I opened it a little fur there. I stepped inside the door way and yelled “Hello!” Is any one home? “We are lost and we need to use the phone.”  The next thing I know I was being pushed from behind, by Kandace and Marisa!

Right when they were shutting the door I ran to it as fast as I could but they locked me in. I was so scared I grabbed my teddy bear and started looking around the house, to see if there was a way out. As I was looking I got really tired. So I got my pillow and blanket out of my bag and laid it down. I took off my glasses and tried to fall a sleep. All of a sudden something black come toward me. I got up and put on my glasses on, but the black thing was gone. Then it came back and took my teddy bear from me. I started freaking out. So I began to run around the house. I tripped over something on the floor, and my glasses fell off. I got down on my hands and knees and felt around for my glasses, but couldn’t find them. I sat back and tried to calm down. At a few minutes, I felt around on the floor again looking for my glasses, and finally found them! I quickly put the glasses on, and much to my surprise I saw not one but two black shapes! One was holding my teddy bear and the other was walking towards me! I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to get my teddy bear back, so I ran towered the black shape that was holding my teddy bear. As I got closer, I had noticed the black shape had a very scary face, but I closed my eyes, and kicked the shape, hard! The black shape fell to the ground, and I grabbed my teddy bear. As I tried to focus, I saw a bit of brown hair and a mask on the floor, the black shape…… was Marisa!

I turned a round sharply, and pulled the mask from the other black shape… it was Kandace! I suddenly realized what had happened and I screamed, “I thought you guys were my friends!”

The two girls then began laughing and ran out of the house. As I tried to catch my breath, I thought about how I could get revenge...

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