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Terry Deary. Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages
Scholastic $6.99 ISBN-10 0-545-99784-3  143 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 12

Is your relationship with history the love or hate kind? Tired of sitting in classrooms trying to ignore your teacher, while he rants on and on about the Middle Ages? Well, Measly Middle Ages is just what you need!

It teaches you almost everything you need to know about the Middle Ages and itís insanely hysterical! I probably wouldnít recommend trying to get an A on a test by reading this book- so you should probably TRY listening to him for a while- but it can definitely teach you tons! And I donít really think it matters what age you are since itís an easily read book.

Terry Deary, youíve made it onto my top favorite facts book list! I have this book on my favorites list because of how it turns normally grisly things into something you and your pals can laugh your faces off for hours! Also there are many illustrations that immediately caught my eye (most of them absolutely hilarious!) that made me want to keep reading.

Five miraculous stars for saving so many aggravated students from death by boredom!! I would recommend Measly Middle Ages to anyone 9 and up. Please note that there is a little bit of gore, but nothing a nine-year-old canít handle!


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