Hot Air Balloon Dreaming
Emily, Age 9, Schoolcraft, MI

There it was: the red, yellow, and purple hot air balloon.

“Oh Daddy… I would just love to have a ride in one of those hot air balloons. It’s so pretty looking from up there. Can I please have a ride?”

“Not today. We have to get home for supper."

“What are we having for dinner Mama?” I questioned.

“Spaghetti with bread sticks and strawberries, yum!”

Mama brought the plates over.

“Mama… have you ever gone on a hot air balloon?”

“Once I did,” she said.

“Can you take me on one?” Mama took a sigh and we started to eat.

“…I’ll see.”

After dinner I went to bed, I checked the clock 7:33.               
“Yaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnn, THE HOT AIR BALLOON!” I screeched.  “IF YOU WANT TO GO, GET DRESSED!”  I heard the hallway yell. I got on my pink turtle neck with purple polka dots. I put on  my white cuffs and light pink pull up socks on.  I scrambled down the steps, grabbed a K bar, and went out the door. Wow, the next moment  I in the air! I was in a hot air balloon!  And guess which one: the red, yellow, and purple one!

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