Ashley, Age 13, Pearland, TX

“I can’t wait till tonight!” I said sitting at my desk talking to my best friend Brittany. “I know, I wish the bell would hurry up and ring.”  Brittany excitedly said. About two minutes later, the bell finally rang and Brittany and I were the first people out of school. We jumped in my car and took off.

We stopped by my house so that we could change. We had to look perfect since we were going out with the hottest guys in school, Bryan and Michael. “Maybe we should walk, it’s right down the street.” Brittany said. “Yeah that’s fine.” I answered.

It was 6:00 and we had to meet Bryan and Michael at Logan’s Road House at 6:30. We decided to head over there early because we couldn’t wait to see them. As we were walking down there the same car kept passing us by. It was an old beat up Ford truck. It was blue with scratches, squeaky wheels, and a dented bumper. We kept wondering why it was driving by over and over, but we didn’t want to say anything. All we could think about was getting to Logan’s.

They drove by again, but this time they didn’t keep going. They stopped at the stop sign and they speeded around the corner. “That was creepy.” Brittany said nervously. Out of nowhere two buff, tall, scary looking guys with a black sock on their head grabbed Brittany and me by the neck and tossed us in the back of the blue, beat up Ford truck.

“Brooke, this is the truck that kept driving by!” Brittany whispered. “My cell phone is ringing. I think it's Bryan and Michael wondering where we are.” I said. I answered it and Brittany and I cried loudly “Please help us! We have been kidnapped. Please!” Right when we were done, one of the scary looking guys yanked my phone away and tossed it out the window.

The car stopped and the two guys yanked us out of the truck and took us to the garage of somebody’s house. They tied us up to a chair, taped our mouths, and held a knife against out throats.

They asked us questions. Stuff like what you were doing tonight. We didn’t answer them because it was none of their business. We kept fighting to get free.

All quietly in the freaky garage, we all of a sudden heard a big bang on the garage door. Brittany and I were freaking out screaming through the tape on our mouth. I saw two heads through the garage window that happened to be Michael and Bryan. They mouthed to us that everything will be ok and they will get us out of here.

The garage door opened and Bryan tackled the two men who grabbed us and Michael untied us. After being tied up for two and a half hours, it felt good getting free. We were so curious to find out who the two guys were that took us. Michael and Bryan held the two guys up and Brittany and I took socks off their heads.

“Oh my gosh! You are the ones who took us! How could you do such a thing?”  I yelled angrily. “We have never bothered you. What do you want from us? We dumped you two like three months ago!” I was so shocked to see who it was. The two buff guys that kept driving by in the squeaky blue scratched up, dented bumper car, was Brittany and mine ex-boyfriends, Chase and Ryan.

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