My Life
Lee, Age 11, Ridgewood, NJ

My life was a combination of happiness and sadness. I was born in a poor family. We were so poor that we didnít own anything except our old house and some dollar bills. I didnít have a father because he had died in a car accident. My mom wasnít home very often because she had to work. We were so miserable that all of us wanted not to live. Then our life changed.

My older brother came home with news to tell.  He got a job with a company that was prospering. He also said all of us can live in a big house and be wealthy. So we sold our little house and went to the new one. I began to live happily until I had a daughter.

My daughter grew up young and pretty. I thought everything was good until she fell off the bridge. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend there, but she fainted somehow and drowned. I was so sad that I stopped working. I thought of why I was supposed to live when so many miserable things happened to me.

I remembered when I was so poor before I got wealthy. I remembered that I didnít want to live. Then I noticed that our lives change, and we never know what will happen next. So I got rid of thinking of dying and thought of living this life happily.

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