The Haunted Mansion
Travis, Age 13, Pearland, TX

“Wake up Shelby, wake up and get dressed! The movers are here!” My mom was ready to get out of Florida.

“I haven’t even said goodbye to all my friends yet.”

“You can go to school but this is the last day and then we hit the

road to North Carolina. Aren’t you excited?”

“No! I don’t want to leave, I don’t know anybody there. I don’t want to live in a big house. I like it here.. I mean why… why do we have to move anyway!” I think I was a little too hard on my mom.

”Because, Shelby, I got a new job and I am getting paid more. It's… it's just a better deal and dad's gone and there’s nothing you can do about it! Now don’t embarrass me in front of all these people.” Mom gets really upset about us fighting all the time. It was different when dad was here.

I went to school just to say goodbye to my friends. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I did have they were always there to stick up for me. Connie was and still is my best friend since the 1st grade and I am now in 8th grade. I saw her in the hallway. It was packed with people and when I caught up with her and when I told her the bad news. She started crying in my arms. I just knew she would be more than sad but depressed. “I hope you had fun here and I will always know your face.” I left without a stare back. All I could say was “I can't do this anymore… I can't do this anymore."

If you haven’t been through it already, losing your best friend is one of the hard things in life and you can't let it go. I walked out the doors of J.F.K JR. high and walked home.

I stepped in the door. All my things were packed and ready to go. We put our stuff in the car and drove for miles and miles away from home or what used to be my home.

We got there at 5:13 in the morning. It was dark, murky and mysterious like the beaches in Florida but this place was not soothing but frightening. “Mom, is this our house?” It was huge, probably 3 stories. I couldn’t really get a good look at it from all the fog. We got out of the car and mom turned the key into the door that we found under the floor map just like the lady told us where it was. We opened the door. It was dark. The oak wood floors were hollow so we could here everything in the house. I just wished dad was here to hold me in his arms. “Shelby, do you like it?” mom was excited and happy that we have such a big house but I just thought it was scary but to be honest, I didn’t like it at all!

I went to bed. That night I woke up hearing the footsteps of boots in the upstairs bathroom. I hopped out of bed, walked down the hall and cracked opened the door. I saw nothing. There was nothing in the bathroom and the footsteps were gone. Not a sound. I crawled in the bed and went back to sleep kind of scared.

“SHELBY, BREAKFAST!” I woke up, got dressed and went downstairs. There was my favorite meal: waffles and applejacks with syrup. I didn’t tell her what happened last night in the bathroom but I knew I should have. After breakfast I went downstairs and looked around for a while get to know the house. I saw one door different from all the others. I opened it eagerly. I saw I green light and heard spirits. I closed the door and ran down the hall. Mom was watching t.v when I told her. She got on the computer and found out something about the house that she didn’t know. It has been haunted for years. We went back to our old house! Mom got a new job and everything was better. I saw all my old friends too. But now what I found out was… it was just my dad coming to visit in that bathroom!

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