Sarah's Stars

Robie H. Harris. Maybe A Bear Ate It!
Orchard Books $19.99  ISBN 978-0-439-92961-5  35 pg. 
Reviewed by Victoria, age 10

It's gone!
It's nowhere!
I can't find it anywhere!
Where-is-my book?
I need my book!

The cutest little animal is reading his book when he suddenly dozes of. Waking up suddenly and stretching, he knocks down his book accidentally. When goes to grab it, its gone! He lets his imagination loose- maybe a bear ate it, maybe a stegosaurus stomped on it, maybe a rhino ran away with it, maybe a bat flew high up in the sky with it. Wait- maybe a shark swallowed it, or maybe an elephant fell asleep on it.

I think that this is the cutest book I have EVER read!! The little--Raccoon, I think, is sooo adorable. You like adorable characters? Then READ THIS BOOK. The pictures are vibrant with color, not too much and not too little. I think someone with a wide imagination would love this book like I did.

I'll give Maybe A Bear Ate It!  4 stars to make the little raccoon guy happy.


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