The Party
Nick, Age 13, Easton, CT

It was the beginning of a new day, a new dawn, a new world when Jon woke up. Jon was fourteen years old, had blue eyes, brown hair, and little did he know his life was about to change. Jon’s parents were going to California so he decided to throw a party as soon as they left. He would invite all of his friends and their friends, and his parent would never know.

When his parents left, he picked up the phone and dialed 1-605-679-1300. When the phone was answered it was Dan and Jenny’s mother. Jon asked if they could come over which they could. Then he called Cory and next Debbie. Once all his friends were there they started setting up. The party was starting at six, so they only had an hour to set up.

Suddenly they heard a lock click and his sister walked in and almost saw everything. Lucky for them his sister just walked straight for the kitchen to grab some money. She said “I am going out to dinner with Brad.” Brad seemed like a shady character. Jon didn’t see how his sister and parents liked him so much. Brad always hated Jon no matter what he did to get on his good side.

After Brad and Lily ate dinner Brad was going to drive Lily to her friend Hannah’s house and she was going to sleep over at Hannah’s house.

Within an hour the party had started. All of Jon’s friends were there, and everyone was having a good time. Jon was just changing the music when all of the, sudden he heard the doorbell ring. He ran over and looked through the peep hole, where he saw a police man. He opened up the door and said, “Hello officer is there a problem?” He said “No we were just going around door to door telling people there was robber going around dressing up as different things.” He said “I see you're having a party, can I check to see if any of these people are the robber?" Jon said yes and let the officer in. What Jon didn’t know was that the so called police officer was the robber and when he invited the man in he didn’t know that he was going to take a lot of his family’s possessions. Once the guy had gone, Jon was playing music. Jon’s party would be over in an hour any way so he would notice that a lot of his things were gone. When the party ended he went in to the kitchen and saw that a lot of his things are gone. He would be in so much trouble if his parents found out.

Jon ran through the streets chasing the car as it pulled into the warehouse in the middle of Brooklyn he hadn’t realized how far away he had gotten from his home. As he raced through the door he realized there was more than one person in the warehouse. There had to be at least two people because he heard more than one voice. So he went back outside to call his friends who were still in his house. First he called Dan’s cell phone. No one answered so he called Jen’s phone still no answer. Called Cory but he didn’t pick up so he called Debbie who picked up and just listened Jon told her to call the cops and send them to 357 Blank Street. Jon thought to himself this is going to take a while.

The men started talking. One of them said “Johnny, you did good tricking that kid into letting you into his house”.

Johnny said “I couldn’t have done it alone, Ralph helped me get all the stuff out of the chump’s house”.

As soon as he said that Jon came out from behind the crate he was hiding behind and lunged at the man who took all of his stuff. The man didn’t scruple to throw Jon over his shoulder onto the ground. Jon rolled away and as soon as that happened Johnny said “We were waiting for you to do that”.

As he ran to hide behind a crate Ralph tripped Jon, picked him up, threw him down on a chair and tied him to it. Right as Jon was about to say something Johnny took some duct tape and taped it over Jon’s mouth. After Johnny did that he said “All right, you aren’t leaving here til’ we get some answers”.

Then in the distance they heard sirens. Johnny said “Cops, the kid called the cops!”

They all ran out of the building got in a car and tried to start the car the engine wasn’t working. The cops came in and said “Where are they?”

They untied Jon and took the duct tape off of his mouth and he said “They just left but I don’t think their car is working”. The cops ran out and took the men into custody and Jon got a very big reward the cop said “Here is your money”. Jon said thanks and the next morning he hired movers to bring all of his stuff back to his house and his parents would never know what happened while they were away.

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