The Pink Puffle
Nicole, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

Once upon a time, there lived a little puffle named Chole. She was a pink puffle because that’s her FAVORITE color. She loved to jump on a trampoline and exercise and play jump rope. Chole was an active pink puffle.

One day Chole heard a yelp. “Help! I don’t have a puffle and now everybody is laughing at me,” yelled a penguin named Pippiepop. “I will be your puffle,” yelled Chole. “Thanks I’m glad you’re my puffle,” whispered Pippiepop. “You are welcome,” whispered Chole.

“Let’s go to my house,” smiled Pippiepop.

“Okay,” Chole said excitedly. Pippiepop had an awesome house. She had a t.v, pool, big radio, big speakers, a trampoline, a banner, and a little bed for to sleep in.

“Pippiepop, can I jump in the pool?”

“Sure,” said Pippiepop.

“I’m hungry,” said Chole, “I want Macaroni and Cheese." After they ate they went to bed. “Good night,” yawned Chole. “Good night,” yawned Pippiepop.

The next day Pippiepop and Chole woke up. The phone rang. Chole picked it up. “Chole, where are you?” said Chole’s mom. “I’m at my friend's. Her name is Pippiepop. I live here now, okay mom,” said Chole.

"Okay," said Chole's mom. That night at dinner time they had Macaroni and Cheese again and now it was time to go to bed. “Good night,” yawned Chole. “Good night,” yawned Pippiepop. And they were friends forever.

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