Sarah's Stars

Rachel Maude. Poseur
Little Brown  $12.99  ISBN 978-0-316-06583-2  288 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

She had always gotten straight As, and now, as she was beginning to discover, her grade average also applied to her bra size. Janie’s boobs, if you could dignify them with that term, were the great tragedy of her life. They were absolute traitors to the cause. Not that the case was such a big deal---just her happiness, her dreams, her very will to live.

Janie, Petra, Melissa and Charlotte are four utterly, completely, absolutely, different people. If the world were normal and right, not a single cause would bring these four opposites together. Unfortunately nothing in the world is normal or right in high school and they all end up in the same room with the same goal…but different ideas. The Trend Set is the name of their extra-curricular class, as a teacher so unwittingly strung together. Even after their begging they were forced to start their class…together. Obstacles by the thousands come their way, even the rich ones. They all have their problems and they all have each other. There’s no backing down now.

One question, just before I start…is this book actually a rendition of how teenagers grow up in L.A.? I found it hard to believe…but maybe that was only because I grew up in such a small town. The book was well put together nonetheless; the writing is funny and will capture many an audience in the girl department. One thing that the author had right was the connection the reader would have with the characters; because, despite their drastically different lifestyle, their emotions were still in tune with my own, as a teenager. Coming straight from a sixteen year-old girl’s mouth I would have to say that this story in particular is a page-turner set to please a certain age group and a certain gender group. So, this novel will probably only work if you are looking for a fun book report and you are a teenaged girl. The writing style itself is perfect. It is set up so that, a lot of the time, only a teenager would understand it. I liked that a lot just because it made me feel special enough to be reading something that my parents wouldn’t be able to comprehend as well.

I would recommend this book to readers thirteen years and up. It does have some mature scenes and speech.

I give Poseur four trendy stars! I adored the end snippets at the back of the book that tell you how to make your own fashions real! Very chic!


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