The Haunted School
Ally, Age 9, Schoolcraft, MI

One day when I, Mackenzie, was  walking  to school I saw a sign: School  Closed. KEEP OUT.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm.” I said.  “Why would the school be closed in October?”  Then I saw a lock on the school door.  I saw a key under the school mat.  I picked it up and unlocked the door and the lock dropped to the ground. Inside it was pitch black. Then I remembered I had a light in my backpack. I took it out and turned it on. The school was full of … cobwebs!

“Yikes!” I cried. “How could the school be so dirty? It was clean yesterday.” Then the door shut behind me. Suddenly, I saw a figure walking in the hallway… it was walking right at me! “I’ve got to get out of here!” I turned around and headed for the door. I tried to open it but the door wouldn’t budge! Then, I looked through the door’s keyhole - the lock was back on! “This is not good.” I cried.

Suddenly, the figure got SO close to me that I could see its breath! I was ready to scream but the figure went away before I could. I started to walk around the old dirty school. Then I saw a hole “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” I screamed.  Suddenly, bats started flying around my face!  After that I said to myself “Why did I do that?!” I walked through the hallway. Then I saw a light.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I said. I started walking closer and closer and closer until I could see what it was and guess who it was…… it was a witch!  I screamed SO loud that the  witch heard me! She started to chase me! I ran SO fast that I couldn’t see where I was going! Suddenly, I fell down, down, down until I heard a thump.  “OUCH!” I said.  I landed on something hard! What could it be? I remembered that I put the light in my pocket. I took it out and turned it on I was in the boiler room! I started walking for hours, I was hot and I was tired! Suddenly I heard a moaning sound coming from the darkness. I took my flashlight out and the moaning stopped! Then, I heard it again but this time it was closer. I followed the sound until I could hear it SO much that I could see the person who was doing all that moaning and guess who it was… it was a ghost janitor! The ghost janitor was the scariest thing of all! I ran as far as my little legs could carry me “Help!”  I shouted.  Then I fell into another hole and I popped outside the school house! I ran home as fast as I could.  When I finally got home I burst threw the door open and saw my mom and dad in their pajamas drinking coffee.  I told them about the haunted school and how I was chased by a witch.  Guess what they said? “She’s been dreaming!” And they went back upstairs.

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