Stolen Boots
Anthony, Age 13, Pearland, TX

It was Friday morning, I went over to my friend  Dylanís house to see if he could give me a ride to school. When I got there he was running around his house trying to find his boots. He had just got new boots and was going to wear them to school today. Then out of nowhere it started  to snow. It really started to pile up. We were listening to our TV to see if our school was out because of the snow.

When we heard it was, we got so exited but Dylan was still mad about his boots being stolen. Then I  came up with an idea. We could do a mystery about it since we since we had a mystery story due when we go back to  school. We got our books and paper and got right on the  mystery. Here are the suspects: Dylanís mom Mrs. Curtis, Dylanís little eight year old sister Prestly, Dylanís step dad Jimmy,  Dylanís new little puppy buddy, and finally Dylanís big  brother Hunter (AKA James).

These were the only people there at the scene of the crime. Here are their alibis: Mrs. Curtis was cooking breakfast, Prestly was taking a bath, Hunter (AKA James)and Buddy were sleeping, and Jimmy was in his office doing  computer work. Dylan and I both agreed that Prestly never  really takes a bath. We both went into the kitchen to have breakfast before we solved the mystery. When we began to  eat Dylan realized that the toast was burnt.

After breakfast we went and interviewed every one. Prestly was first. When we finally got her to sit down I realized her hair wasnít wet. We kept asking her if she knew who did it but she just kept laughing and saying no. Next on our list was Hunter (AKA James. It took forever to get him to wake up. Once he was up he didnít even know it snowed. So we just left him alone and let him go back to sleep.

Jimmy the workaholic was next in line. We went into his office and sat down and waited for him to recognize us. Once he noticed us we asked him if he knew were the boots are or who took them. He replied "No, I have been finishing up reports for work all morning." We left him to do all of  his work. I hope I never have to do that much work for my job ever.

Once we got Mrs. Curtis to sit down we asked her the same questions we asked every one else. She tried to bribe us with cookies and those cookies were pretty good. Finally it was Buddyís turn, we looked in every corner, under every bed in every room. We also checked the garage. But he was nowhere to be found. So we went outside to look for him,  he was in the playing in the snow. We picked him up and sat him on a chair and asked him questions. He didnít say  anything, not even a bark. He was frozen solid - he didnít  even move his tail.

We didnít solve the mystery but a few days later Dylan found his boot chewed up in the backyard. We still think it was Prestly. She chews on anything you give her!

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