Sarah's Stars

Paul Stewart. Stormchaser
Random House  $11.95  ISBN 978-0-385-61345-3  393 pg.  
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

The sky ship shuddered violently.  Every beam, every plank, every joint creaked in protest.

‘Two minutes, and counting,’ Twig heard Spiker calling – then with sudden alarm, ‘Tem!  Boltjaw!  The captain’s in trouble!’

On board the Stormchaser, Twig, a young crew member drawn with destiny to join the sky pirates, is filled with excitement at the adventure ahead.  Their quest is to collect a valuable substance created by the heart of the storm.

Stormchaser is the second book in the Twig Trilogy, part of the Edge chronicles.  The first book is Beyond the Deepwoods and the third is Midnight Over Sanctaphrax.  Paul Stewart is a writer of children’s books since 1988 and Chris Riddell illustrates his work.

Stormchaser is a book for those with a very strong, imaginative mind.  To be able to understand this book completely, the reader must add parts as the book goes on; that’s how it was for me.  It got very confusing and I had no clue what was going on in some parts (busy, lots of characters).  On the whole, the characters are very well made up and the illustrations on the side of the page help you understand what the beings look like.  The story line is very interesting as it had me on the edge of my seat constantly, with many twists and turns that I was not expecting.  I would recommend it for ages thirteen to sixteen. 

Stormchaser gets four stars.


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