A Story to Tell
Annie, Age 13, North Vancouver, BC

Hi. My name is Katie. I am fifteen years old now. I am living in Woodcreek Road now. Today I am here, to tell you a short story of mine. I really do want to tell you, so please listen.


Katie Johnson, that’s me. I was thirteen years old that year. My dream was to be a cartoonist. No one ever encouraged me to be a cartoonist, even my mom or dad. I was always hopeless before the day came.

I once was walking toward the Mink Forest. I saw a bridge. There was no bridge between the forest and the town. I was quite curious. I started to cross that bridge, walking toward the forest.

I saw a boy in the forest. He was looking at me, again and again. “Who are you?” I asked.

“…who are you?” asked the boy too.

“My name is Katie, Katie Johnson.” I answered.

“My name is Luke, Luke Armstrong.” he answered.

“Why are you staring at me all the time?” I asked.

“…you have the ability of art.” said Luke.

I froze. No one even said that I was good at art, had an ability of art.

“How do you know about this?” I asked carefully.

“I can tell when I look at the person carefully. Your eyes were shining at the beautiful forest, your lips were moving at the colorful leaves,” said Luke.

“…Are you human?” I asked surprised.

“Are you scared?” asked the boy. “It is just my ability, to figure out of the person’s personality,” he said.

“Are you the only one who was that special ability?” I asked.

“No, everybody has a special ability,” said Luke.

“Do I have one?” I asked.

“You have to find it out,” said Luke.

“Why?” I asked scornfully.

“Because you need to find it for yourself. You are the one who needs to figure it out,” he said, and he disappeared into the forest.

I started to walk the way to my home. Then the thing I never expected happened. I saw Luke walking around the forest. Then he tripped. He was about to fall. Luke grabbed a branch. Now the branch was about to break.

I woke up. It sure was my imagination, but I was sure that it might be happening now.

“Luke!” I shouted and ran to the forest.

There, I saw two hands grabbing the branch. It was Luke. “I am coming, Luke!” I said. I grabbed the branch with my one arm, then grabbed Luke’s hand with my other hand. I began to pull.

“Just let me go! It hurts!” cried Luke, but I never did. I just wanted Luke to be alive. After an hour, I finally pulled Luke to the creek. We both were tired, so we rested.

“Thank you,” said Luke wearily. “How did you know what was happening to me?” he asked.

I started to tell Luke about my imagination about Luke falling.

“That’s it!” Luke suddenly cried.

“What are you talking about?” I asked carefully.

“Katie, your ability is to see the future!” he cried.

“To see the future?” I asked. It was better than Luke’s ability.

“Well, then see tomorrow,” said Luke.

That was the ending of my story. Unfortunately, Luke and I had to say bye when I was moving. If you have ever seen Luke Armstrong, please tell me. Tell me that I miss him so much. He showed me my abilities.

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