The Swimming Contest
Max, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

Once there was a boy named Chad that didn't know how to swim. It was summer so he took swimming lessons. He found out that he was pretty good. The next day he found a poster that said: swimming contest on June 20th in the town swimming pool and the reward is $300.00. 

Chad thought about it and he said "I could use 300 dollars." So he entered the contest. Soon it was already June 16th and Chad forgot about the contest. The next day he saw a poster about the contest and remembered all about it. He kept practicing. Then it was June 20th. Chad was ready. When it was his turn he dived into the pool and stayed under for 25 seconds. Then when he came out from under the water the judge's scores were 8,9,8. The total points that Chad got was 25 points. He came in second place but he did get $200.00. Then Chad dashed home and showed his mom the money and told her about everything.

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