Time Is Running Out
Mats, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

I’m just a regular 9 year old girl. I’m … special from other kids because for some reason I can lift weights that are around 80 kg and I’m the fastest kid in my class.

One day I was sprinting to school when suddenly I heard a weird loud buzzing noise. I gazed up at the sky and saw green, purple, blue, and red lights zooming through the sky. I was amazed. Then a white light struck across the sky and it seemed to be on fire. It crashed down near where I was standing. “CRASSHH”

The thing crashed down to the crumbling earth. The noise was unbearable but nobody came out of their houses. Then I saw it. Everyone in the neighbourhood was frozen, except for me! Mrs. Harris was frozen while trying to get her mail. I checked my watch. The time had stopped. I was dizzy. I checked out the white thing that had crashed. It was humongous. It was a kind of spaceship. It was all black, some lights were still on the edge of the spaceship. Most lights had burned out or hadn’t survived the crash. There was a little door at the bottom. The door opened, a shaft came out of the door and out of the door came… something. It had 3 eyes bulging out of its head. Its arms were longer than its legs. The head was a little too big for its body. It was staring around.

The creature was damaged from the crash. Suddenly a sound came  from its suit. The creature pressed a button on its suit and a weird sounding voice came from the suit: “Crypto, find the girl, take her back to our home planet and there we will destroy her. Remember, she is the only person moving on the earth,” said the voice in alien language. Somehow I could understand them.

“Yes sir” said the creature in a grim hollow sounding voice. The alien (as I assumed) took out a weird looking blaster. “With this I will stun her for life,” He put on his jetpack and roared of. I stood there for about 5 minutes. Then I had to make sure I wasn’t that girl the alien and the voice were talking about. There had to be some other girl moving on earth. I checked every house in the neighbourhood. No other girl was moving. I had to hide or face the alien. I decided to hide.

In my room it was very quiet. I was bored and needed some adventure. I went to take a walk forgetting about the alien. I sniffed the fresh air. “Hands up, child,” boomed something behind me. I had good reflexes and did a back flip out of instinct and kicked the something as hard as I could. I closed my eyes and then opened them.

“OOOOOWWW,” groaned the kid. It was Jonathan my neighbour. Jonathan is one year younger than me. I helped him up to his feet. He was dizzy and scrambled to take a grip.

“Sorry Jonathan.”

“It’s OK. I know you thought I was that alien running around.”

“You saw him too?”

“Yes, he’s looking for a girl that is moving, but there are lots of girls.”

“But, Jonathan all of the other girls have frozen.”


 “Time has stopped, Jonathan.”

“Why are you moving then and I’m moving also?”

“I think I’m the girl the alien is looking for!”

“But.. but, I’m not a girl, am I?”

“I don’t know why you’re still moving.”

Suddenly Jonathan got shocked by something and fell lifeless to the ground.


He didn’t answer. Suddenly I felt a weird sensation and fell to the ground. I was stunned. I saw what was going on but I couldn’t move. I saw the alien bending over Jonathan. “Lifeless,” croaked the alien. I tried to say something but I was completely stunned. “And as for you, I shall take you to my home planet,” The alien cackled. The next thing I knew, I was in the alien’s spaceship. The alien was making contact to a distant planet, galaxies away.

“Mother ship, I have captured the girl and have killed one civilian.”

“Good, Crypto, bring the girl,” said the weird sounding voice I had heard before when the alien had pushed the button on his suit.

“The civilian I killed was also still moving, how could that be?”

“They must have been brother and sister, she was adopted and she must have had a brother she never even knew.”

“It still isn’t clear.”

"We set the DNA of the girl so she would not freeze. The boy has the same DNA so he didn’t freeze.”

Jonathan my brother? Poor Jonathan. The alien repaired his ship and took off. I wasn’t stunned completely anymore. I could move my tongue. The alien put the ship on auto pilot and walked over to me. “I know you can hear me, listen up, human. I get a bounty for doing this job. You know why the mother ship wants you?" asked the alien. “The mother ship wants you because you are said to be the end of our kind. The prophecy says you would destroy our kind, more I don’t know,” He walked away and sat back in his chair and started flying the vehicle again.

The flight finally ended and I was taken out of the spaceship by Crypto. We were in the mother ship now. I was dragged to a chamber room. There greenish yellow lights glowing everywhere. There was a large circular glass cabin in the middle of the chamber. In the cabin was filled with a fluid in the fluid there was a crippled up alien inside the cabin floating around. “Crypto” moaned the alien inside. The alien was the voice, the leader of the mother ship and the planet.

“Crypto, do you have the girl?”

“Yes master.”

“Good, your bounty is in the death chamber.”

Crypto left me alone with crippled alien and his guards. I could move the upper half of my body now. The lower half was still paralyzed.

“So, Crypto explained you are the end of us,” spoke the crippled alien.

“I don’t really understand,” I replied.

“Your mother was an alien who had special powers. We couldn’t find you anymore, you had been adopted and had taken over the powers your mother had. We had finally picked up your signal and we shall execute you with a ceremony,” explained the crippled alien.

My mom, I thought I never knew her. “Who was my dad?” I asked.

“I don’t remember, I do remember that Crypto killed him too,” the alien laughed.

I was fully operational now, except my feet were still stunned. I was carried away by the guards. They carried me away into another chamber where I was put into a glass cabin with the fluid that kept me breathing. I was floating around. One guard left, the other guarded me with some kind of zap pistol. The guard was wearing a blue robe. I couldn’t see its face. I felt the inside of the cabin with my hands. It was freezing cold. I thumped my fists on it. I kept on thumping. The guards probably had no ears or the cabin was sound proof. I was beating the glass. My hands were looking red. The glass started to break. Finally it did break and the fluid gushed out. I was fully operational now. The guard looked up. I did a karate kick straight in his face. I rushed around the mother ship, putting all aliens unconscious that I found with my special powers. I found a room called: “The Arsenal” I went in and found dozens of weapons and explosives. I took a zap cannon and 2 explosives. I rushed to the crippled alien’s chamber. The guard had a zap pistol and fired some shots at me. I did a flip to the side and fired my zap cannon straight at him. He was shocked at maximum power. He fell lifeless to the ground. I planted one explosion on the alien’s Cabin.

“What are you doing?” asked the alien.

I didn’t answer. I ran out of the chamber. I remembered I had seen a door saying: “Core” While I was looking for the arsenal. I ran to the core. The core was the middle of the mother ship. It was glowing purple. I planted an explosion on the core and ran to the hangar where all the escape ships were. I took a ship. I had remembered how Crypto had flown so I took off. 'I did it' I thought. I’m flying an alien spaceship! I flew away from the mother ship. I was very far away now. I pressed the button to explode the explosive that would kill crippled alien. I saw a little fire burning in the mother ship. Then I pressed the other button to explode the core. The core exploded like I had expected. The core was full of power and made the whole mother ship implode. Time started running again. I returned home and I lived happily ever after. And so the prophecy says, so the future is.

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