Sarah's Stars

Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. Tunnels
Chicken House  $16.95  ISBN 978-0-439-87177-8  472 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 12

Tam nodded thoughtfully and took a huge mouthful of his drink, wiping his bruised lips with his forearm. ďThatís if he wakes up at all,Ē he said quietly.

Will Burrows is a fourteen-year-old boy with startling blue eyes.  He sometimes helps his dad with archeological digs. The main problem is Willís father is kidnapped. Will must find him. This story takes place in modern times in underground tunnels and aboveground places.

Roderick Gordon was once an investment banker, living in Norfolk, England.  Brian Williams was once an installation artist, who lives in Hackney.  Tunnels is their first book.  I would recommend this book for 10 and up, because younger ages may not grasp the storyline.  Another reason is that younger ages may not understand some of the larger words.  Lastly it may be too long for children under 10.

My opinion of this book is that it was a very gripping book that had great cliffhangers.  One reason why someone would want to read this is that the storyline is very good.  Another reason is that the plot was good.  The last reason is that the characters are nicely described.

I give Tunnels 5 stars.


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