Viola's Journal
Alyssa, Age 13, Delta, BC

January 6,

What a strange place is this Illyria
Dear Di'ry, I am shipwrecked on its shore
With nought but Captain kind, and sailors sure.
If mem'ry fails me not, Ill ponder more
I think this Duke my father named before
My capt'n names his name as Orsino.
With a countess is he in love, it's told.
But lady has forsworn all company
No 'ception for the Duke, which puzzles me.
This sounds a merry thing thus to behold.
If I eunuch be in Orsino's court
Perhaps I could solve all in w'mnly art
'Tis why I asked the captain thus to help
To make all of my girlish features melt
And thus replace with trousers, coat and then
To so be boy-like as my Sebastian
I'll hike and trek to city's core and heart
And find the Duke, as sulking, in his court
If he does find me as to his liking
Will merry, play-like mirths thus likely bring
And if this Christmas' rev'ling Twelfth Night
Make joyful laughter, and no hateful spite
Feel welcome if you find it funny still,
To have a playwright use it As You Will

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