Sarah's Stars

Meg Rosoff. What I Was
Doubleday  $21.00  ISBN 978-0-385-66397-7  209 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Four hours. Five. Six. Snatches of sleep filled with images so horrible that it was preferable to stay awake. Gales swept down the ragged hole in the roof where the chimney used to be, spewing damp ash over everything. I began to imagine it was howling at me, refusing to stop until the hut had turned me out, turned me over to the forces that would try my case, convict me of murder and treason, sentence me to death.

At sixteen years old, and at the third boys private school to-date, what is he supposed to do? Certainly not listen in class or converge with other schoolboys. No…why would he do that? Not when he could be quiet and mysterious and create an air of either invisibility or suspicion around himself. These characteristics are only heightened in those that know him when rumours start spreading that he is spending time on the beach with a mysterious man and his cat…a pervert? A friend or family? No one knows, and without him…there would be no story.

This book had an astonishing talent for description. The writing was manipulated in such a way that each sentence was a piece of artwork. Although, might I add, that some people might get bored of artwork. This book can be hard to follow at times…and at random intervals I found myself having to re-read an entire page. Other than the slight obstacles in the writing, the storyline itself was a good one. It was interesting and had me wondering even after I had finished the novel. I kept asking myself question after question.

I would recommend this book for people thirteen years old and up. It does have some language and situations that may be considered uncomfortable for a younger reader.

I give What I Was four drifting stars out of five.


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