Who Would Have Known?
Berkeley, Age 13, Pearland, TX

Whitney Allen had everything going for her. Her boyfriend Jason was the all time quarterback for the Eagles. She was the captain of the varsity softball team, and she also was drop dead gorgeous with light blue eyes and long silky hair. She had the body of a model and on top of all that she was very wealthy. Everyone said her life couldn’t get more perfect. But could one mistake ruin everything?

On February 3rd Whitney went missing on her birthday. All the people who knew Whitney were devastated. They couldn’t believe that someone could do something like that. Her best friend Haley said, “She didn’t have one mean bone in her body!”

But there was something strange about Jason; the look in his eyes was very unusual. Was he scared for Whitney or was he scared for his life?

“Jason was always a jealous type, he would always get mad if Whitney even talked to her guy friends,” said a close friend. Everyone had this suspicion that it was Jason but someone else had another person in mind. Courtlyn, one of Whitney’s closest friends said “Haley was always the sneaky type, and she has been in love with Jason ever since seventh grade.”

On February tenth, Jason went missing. Now it had to be Jason everyone thought, because you always see in reality right after the girlfriend disappears, the boyfriend does too. A couple days later they found Jason’s body washed up on the beach. The same beach Jason and Whitney had their first date at. As they examined Jason’s body they found something very interesting. Red lipstick print on Jason’s forehead and they found a note in his pocket that said “Jason I never wanted to hurt you but you left me with no choice. I’ve been in love with you ever since seventh grade and you never gave me a chance because you were so caught up with Whitney, I’m sorry!”

Immediately they arrested Haley because they new she had been in love with him since seventh grade and that she was so jealous of Whitney. But as they arrested Haley, no one saw Whitney standing in the background, crouched down with the widest grin on her face. As she softly whispered to herself, “Sweet revenge!”

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