The Wicked Witch
Brooklyn, Age 7, Glidden, WI

Once upon a time there were three girls that were named Brookyn, Kendra, and Annalee.  They went deep down in the forest on Halloween night.  They came upon a little cottage and an old lady came out. She said, “Come in, my little precious ones, and sit down.”

Then the old lady went over by a big pot. She told the girls that she was making soup. Kendra thought that it looked like poison because it was green.  Annalee said she didn’t think it was poison because the old lady looked nice to her.

When the soup was done, the old lady told the girls to drink it.  When Annalee drank it she became unconscious. So the other girls didn’t drink it.

Brooklyn said, “We should get going.” But the old lady said, “No darlings! Stay for a little more fun.”

Then the old lady took Kendra and Brooklyn into another room.  There were a lot of spider webs in the room.  There was a pitch-black cat with orange eyes sitting on the bed. Kendra was getting scared. Annalee wasn’t unconscious anymore and she came into the room and told the girls that they needed to get going so that they wouldn’t be late for supper. 

“We’re having my favorite pizza tonight. I can’t miss that,” said Brooklyn.

Kendra added, “Yeah and I’m spending the night at my friend’s house. So we better get going.”

Annalee uncovered a sheet.  It had a witch's broom and a hat stuck under it.  Finally the girls found out that the old lady was a witch.

The girls ran out of the room as fast as they could. They went home and lived happily ever after.

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