The Wild Bear
Donovan, Age 8, Glidden, WI

Once upon a time, there was a wild bear. It had very sharp teeth. His teeth were almost one foot long and his feet were enormous. His toenails were even long.

Donny was not scared of that wild bear. He was very brave when he walked into that forest at night.  Donny had his bow and arrow with him. Then Donny saw the bear in a tree. It looked very scary and Donny forgot to shout at it. Donny knew that the bear killed lots of animals from the forest. He pulled out his bow and arrow and jumped onto the bearís back. Suddenly knives and swords shot out of the bearsí arms. Donny jumped off the bear and landed in the tree. He shot his arrow at the bear. It hit him in the neck. The wild bear fell to the ground. 

Donny saved the forest from the ferocious wild bear. The animals were now safe.

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