Ansel's Chocolate City Dream
Prarthana, Age 8, Cary, NC

One day, as Ansel was walking through the crystal clear mountains, a strange sight caught her eye. It was a white rabbit. When the rabbit finally stopped hopping, Ansel looked up, she rubbed her eyes and looked around. she had found a chocolate city!

All the trees were made out of either gumdrops or mints. The swimming pool was made out of ice cream. Ansel thought that the most impressive was a stunning palace made of pure gold.

Suddenly, the big shining gates (made up of chocolate) closed, and Ansel was left in darkness. "Help! oh Help!" she sobbed, but soon she saw it was no use, and fell into a restless sleep.

Ansel woke up and heard the familiar voice of her mother calling her to dinner. She hugged herself with relief. It was only a dream!

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