The Best Day of My Life
Georgia, Age 11, Lancaster, Rochdale, England

Are you special? Do you have a talent that no one can take away? I don’t. And I hate it, even my friends (who are the coolest in Bamford High) call me Boring Jane. Yep, that's me Boring Jane Brown. I don’t have a middle name which makes me even more boring. All my family says that I’ve got time. But the truth is I haven’t  got time. I’m 15 with no talent except for burping the alphabet, which quite frankly is nothing to be proud of. As I walked up the school drive gangs of giggling girls littered the path. Well, if anything was going on, Em, Meg and Lizzie will know.

“What is wrong with everyone today?” I asked rather desperately.

“Haven’t you heard?” Em said surprised.

“There’s a talent show!” Lizzie exclaimed. I groaned, I knew exactly what they wanted.

“Let's dance and sing!” said Meg.

I groaned for the second time.

“Oh, come on Janey, don’t be so boring!” Lizzie said.

“If she doesn’t want to do it, then don’t make her but please consider it,” Em decided. Em’s always been fair and just, and everyone respects her. They all looked at me. I knew that this talent show could either make me or brake me. I took the risk.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” I said feebly.

“Woohoo! You never know if it surprises you!” declared Meg. So every night we practiced and improved our song, The Best Of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana. However I will not sing!

The big day entered and I was shivering to the bone. I had only once been on stage when I was in Reception as a sheep and I got so terrified my knickers filled up! I’ve never been on since. Suddenly Lizzie ran in.

“I’m so sorry, but my voice is all croaky!” She was in tears, Lizzie had been so thrilled about the talent show. “I will only be able to dance, Jane you must sing!”

Everyone went quiet.

“Please Jane!” Meg begged.

“Ok,” The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could think.

“Please give a great round of applause for... Emily Morrison, Megan Harper, Elizabeth Hemming and Jane Brown,” the host, Lee Jorden, yelled our names and the audience went wild. I couldn’t believe it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I was shaking uncontrollably, I could feel my pulse banging so hard against my neck I thought it was going to burst and the atmosphere was so blistering hot I thought I was in an oven waiting to be cooked.

The song started, the audience went crazy and I sang like the larks' morning call. I loved every moment of it and so did the crowd!

In the eyes of my friends I have a voice to match those of our favourite groups that line our bedroom walls. And so my story ends and I have my own talent that no one can take away from me!

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