Chocolate Double Fudge
Helen, Age 8, Surrey, BC

"Mom could I get ice-cream?" I asked my mom one day.

"No honey, if I get you ice-cream I'll have to get ice-cream to all of your five sisters. And I don't have enough money." My mom said.

I was sad for the whole day because I didn't get ice-cream, so my mom called my dad. She told him that I wanted ice-cream and that I was sad. When my dad came home he was carrying a big bucket in his hand. The bucket wasn't see-through so I didn't know what was in there.

"Dad what is that?" I asked.

My dad smiled and put the bucket on the kitchen table. All of my five sisters and I ran to the bucket to see what was in there. It was a bucket full of chocolate double fudge ice-cream! My favourite! It was a big bucket so everyone could eat it. We each got a spoon and dug in to the ice-cream.

It was soft, cool and yummy. I still can't forget the taste of it!

This is a true story that happened to me just last week.

I hope that you can eat double chocolate ice-cream, too!

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