Sarah's Stars

Yvonne Prinz.  Double-Dare Clare
Raincoast   $10.95  ISBN 978-1-55192-983-5  182 pg.
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

Allison and I crunch through the snow in our boots and join the small crowd of students gathered in front of the main office.  Principal Davidson, red-faced and jacketless, hurries out of the big double doors with our school custodian, Eddie, at his heels.  Principal Davidson waves his arms in all directions, ordering Eddie to remove the vandalized sign and the beer cans before anyone else sees them, but judging by the gathered crowd, I think he might be a little late.

Double-Dare Clare did not disappoint me, especially after reading the first two books in the Clare series.  Clare has continued to bring me laughs and joy each time I open the book.  The storyline is quite eventful and has many twists and turns.  I feel like I am thinking what she is thinking and walking with her down the crowded mall hallway.  The descriptive words in this book are incredible and I canít wait for more Clare.  Some parts of this book are a little young for me, but Iím sure any girl between the ages of nine and twelve would enjoy this book.

Double-Dare Clare is the third book in the CLARE series.  The other titles include Still There, Clare and Not Fair, Clare. If you enjoy the first two, then I recommend you try her latest book.

Double-Dare Clare gets five stars.


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