Dragon as a Pet
Hailey, Age 7, Langley, BC

There once was a girl named Jenny. And she had a dragon as a pet! The dragon was the girl's guardian, so Jenny was safe.

One day when Jenny was away, the dragon went into the kitchen. Jenny had told dragon not to eat anything in the kitchen. But dragon saw a yummy soup, and he was hungry. So he ate the soup and didn't tell Jenny.

The next day dragon was gone. But there was a small mouse on Jenny's desk. The dragon turned into a mouse because he ate the soup!

"You dragon. I told you not to eat anything from my kitchen. I don't want a pet mouse." Jenny said. Jenny threw the mouse outside. The mouse was alone. He learned that he had to listen to owners to stay in the house. So when a man took him, he listened to the man and stayed in a bowl because the man told the mouse to stay in the bowl.

Then a cat came, and ate the mouse up. This is the story of a dragon who turned into a mouse and got eaten.

There is a lesson in this story. You should listen to your mom and dad to be happy.

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