Dear Earth
Ashley, Age 12, Guelph, ON

Your grass is so green
Your oceans so blue
Im telling everyone to treat you with care
Do they listen?
Not one bit
But soon theyll learn to care

We are standing here today
Weve traveled around your world
Now they listen to us
All together as one
Bringing the world together
like never before

It has been a long, long time
Since the world has been clean
We can all pick up at least one piece of garbage
But that is just not enough

We need to pick up a lot, lot more
Than just one piece
Sometimes people pick up garbage all day
Others leave it behind without a care

But that is going to change
This year when you and I will clean up more
We should not have to do this
If people would clean up and
Just show they care

We all know what harmony means
But some people dont
And if they dont
Then they need to learn

If they are too lazy and
Litter without care
Im just going to share it with you
Then maybe theyll start to care

Harmony means agreement in action, ideas, and plans.

If you follow the harmony rule
All the endangered animals
Might have a chance

We can make Earth a better place to live.
Together we can follow the HARMONY rule.
It's your earth.
You only get one.

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