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Sid Hite. Iím Exploding Now
Hyperion  $21.50  ISBN 978-0-7868-3757-1  192 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 13

I have a friend
sheís really wow
went away to see a cow
met some guy
i donít know how
kissing me she wonít allow
oou ouch ow
my fuse is lit
iím exploding now

Poetry is not too hard. All you need is a pen, some paper, some feelings, and a few ideas.

I liked this book!  Iím Exploding Now was an interesting, easy to read collection of humourous diary entries by sixteen-year-old Max Whooten. I didnít like putting the book down. It took me only a few pages to get interested, as it was a story that made me want to keep reading. Easy to believe and follow, the story held together and did not wander. I found Max to be the most interesting character. I could believe Maxís story and see through his eyes. It was easy to see the story in my mind as Sid Hite gave loads of interesting details. The ending disappointed me though. It seemed to come to an abrupt stop, as if leaving it open for a sequel. Next time I would prefer to see the story wrapped up completely. Other than that the story was awesome.

Some other books written by Sid Hite include The King of the Slippery Falls, A Hole in the World and Cecil in Space. I recommend this book for grades 5 to 7. If youíve read and liked other books written by Sid Hite, then you will like Iím Exploding Now.

I give Iím Exploding Now 4 stars. An enjoyable medium length read!


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