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Mark Teague. LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail
Blue Sky Press  $16.99  ISBN 978-0-439-78315-6  32 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

Dear Mrs. LaRue,

How I envy you the safety of your hospital bed! Here in the outside world, things have become perilous indeed-at least for dogs! The awful Bugwort continues his scurrilous attacks. Yesterday he referred to dogs as "gangs of hooligans." He must be stopped. Therefore I have decided to "throw my hat into the ring." This afternoon I will announce my candidacy. Doubtless the public response will be overwhelming.

Your Next Mayor,


It's not every day that a little black and white dog decides to run for mayor. But when Ike LaRue's owner is injured and put in the hospital and the prime contender for mayor of Snort City, Hugo Bugwort, is slandering the name of dogs all across town and threatening to take away their privileges, Ike decides to step up and be a voice (and politician) for canines everywhere. Ike's campaign won't be easy but with a positive outlook (and maybe a few moustaches drawn on Hugo Bugwort's campaign posters!), the little dog is hoping he can win the election and create equality between man and dog.

As the 2008 presidential election draws ever nearer, an eye-catching story decked out in red, white and blue about a dog running for mayor, seems timely. (And correct me if I'm mistaken, but is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton I see in the corner of the twentieth page?) The charming altercations between newspaper articles and letters to Mrs. LaRue are a reader's best friend and the colourful illustrations certainly make for some delicious eye candy. As Ike and his fellow canine friends embark on a chaotic bid for the title of mayor of Snort City, readers (and listeners) will enjoy going along for the ride and the ending is definitely agreeable.

I give LaRue for Mayor four stars.


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