Message to Loved Ones
Kendra, Age 16, Calgary, AB

You know I'd never leave you
On purpose I mean
But my time was of God's choice
Even though I'm only thirty-three

Guess what? I love you with all my heart
I was really sad to go
I can't believe what it's like for you
But utterly hard, I know

To Lilian, I'm sorry
For not being there too long
But when we see each other
You can tell me all I've missed while I was gone

TJ, be strong
I'm always watching over you, Lilian and Daddy, too
And when it rains, those are my tears of joy
Because I'm greatly proud of you

Josh, my husband, you're wonderful
I miss laughing and crying with you
I miss just being together
But don't worry or fret for I will see you soon

To everyone I've ever met
I'm fine up here in the sky
I'll see all again, I promise you
But, for now, goodbye.

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