Emily, Age 11, Cannon Beach, OR

Could something so good bring a sorrow so bad
When there was a little pink, plus she smiled so big
Life was full of peace a new one was on the way,
and in only nine months we would be blessed
with its smiling face, and baby blue eyes
and wide grin yet to have teeth,
but still puts out that power and
joy of a little one,
it continued as we embraced its little heartbeat,
a tiny pea in black and white waves,
the ultra sound proved true, it was there, but soon
the news turned bad,
the heartbeat became hard to find,
the picture inside the tummy gave the same news
and questions,
something so new, never touched the world outside the womb,
yet it is already gone,
a little heartbeat missing
proved so much, heartache, tears, and one word

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