The Mystery of the Cream Pie Factory
Josh, Age 13, Easton, CT

Xavier Talone is a thirteen year old boy who likes football, basketball and solving mysteries. He and his friend Jordan are always trying to solve mysterious happenings that go around their little town of Zimbabwei, Arkansas. Xavier and Jordan attend Shamville Middle School and are in the seventh grade. Xavier is five foot four and has dirty blond hair and Jordan is five foot two and has black hair. Both boys were the most expensive and cool clothes around because their families are filthy rich.

One of the biggest mysteries they solved was The Mystery of the Cream Pie-Factory.

Xavier woke up one morning to the honk of a bright yellow Porsche idling in the road in front of his house. He got up in a rush and jumped into his clothes, he was late and it was the first day of school. Xavier was in such a hurry that he even forgot to brush his teeth. As soon as he got downstairs to the kitchen his mother gave him a strawberry Nutrigrain Bar and pushed him out the door with his backpack and lunch money.

In the car, there were leather seats and a Sirius radio system. Jordan sat up front so Xavier had to go in the back. Jordan said, “Today in the Zimbabwei Gazette there was an article about how brand new money printers had been stolen from two armed trucks. They also said that these printers were going to replace some broken ones at a government facility in Florida and they were coming from New Mexico.” Xavier then responded saying, “I bet we can get to the bottom of this, I’m sure we can.”

When Xavier and Jordan got to school they both went to the office to get their schedules. When they looked at them, they saw on both schedules, homeroom: Mrs. Sheveden, first period: Mr. Danmerk, second period: Mrs. Austia, third period: Mrs. Garman, fourth and fifth period: Mr. Frence, sixth period: Mrs. Madgasgetgar, seventh and eighth period: Ms. Chinio. They both had the exact same classes together. They yelled and jumped for joy for a while, and then they stopped and went to homeroom.

By lunch they were both bored out of their shoes. They were only doing the “Hi my name is…..” and that wasn’t any fun.

You could either eat lunch inside the cafeteria or outside by the front gate. That day they decided to eat by the gate. Half way through their lunch they saw a black van defiantly going past the speed limit rushing by the school. They thought this was very suspicious considering the money makers that just got stolen. So they decided to follow this van. Running after the van was very hard and exhausting work and they could hardly keep it in sight. On their way they found two scooters on bright red with blue flames and the other was a nasty shade of lime green. This made what they were doing a lot easier but it was still hard. It led them farther into the city area where all of the factories and stores are.  It led them to one factory in particular that looked like it hadn’t been in use for a while.

From a distance Xavier and Jordan saw a few people pushing a trolley with a large package on it over to the building. The two boys were almost certain that these people, that package had something to do with the story that was headlining the newspaper.

By that time school was over so they just headed back home. Before they went their separate ways they agreed they would meet each other after school at the factory.

After school came around, Xavier and Jordan set out for the factory. (They had told their parents that each had been going over to the opposites and never went) When they got there they very cautiously went forward to the building to look for a way in. Around back there was open window. They looked inside and saw it was an abandoned cream pie factory. Then they saw the big, new and shiny US currency printers sitting in the corner farthest from the entrances. They saw that no one was there so they climbed through the window. Once they were in they saw that two more printers were next to the first one.

They thought they should tell the police immediately but they also wanted to see who the robbers were. So they sat in a corner of the room behind a bunch of old pie boxes until somebody came.

While they were waiting Xavier kept on thinking about what would happen when somebody showed up, would they see them and hold them hostage, or would he and his friend have to wait all night to get out of there. His common sense was starting to kick in and was having second thoughts about waiting for these people. Then they heard somebody yelling outside. No time to run Xavier was in a panic what would happen, would he be brave enough to stay calm. The door opened.

At about six o’clock three men leather jackets and baggy jeans walked in. All three men were short and stocky with black hair. Their slight slouch and the frown lines on their faces explained a lot about them to the boys, like they had probably been in a lot of fights.

Jordan turned to Xavier and said, “Xavier let’s get out of here fast these guys are scaring the heck out of me.” Xavier then said, “Me too” But they didn’t leave not yet.

The man who looked like he was in charge said, “Stealing those printers was easy; I can’t wait until we get them working.” They all nodded in agreement. Xavier and Jordan had found out who was behind this theft and had their descriptions, so the case was closed but they still needed to get out.

They waited and waited and waited and finally after hours of listening to the criminals talk they were ready to get out. The bad guys had all found a chair and were falling asleep. Xavier and Jordan got up and ran hoping the noise wouldn’t wake them up. It didn’t. They got out the window and ran to the nearest telephone booth. They called the police and told them their whole story.

The next day in the Zimbabwei Gazette there was an entire story on how two boys, Xavier Talone and Jordan Corellay solved the mystery of the money makers in a cream pie-factory.

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