Wake Up Pakistan!
Hiba, Age 16, Pakistan

Imagine living in a small house with no water, electricity and food to it. The only thing this house comprises is 20 jobless people who all are controlled by a ‘guest’ living in the house without paying. What would be the condition of those 20 people? How they feel about following the orders of the outsider in their ‘own’ house? Don’t they want to leave the house or even this world? Don’t they regret the time when they allowed the outsider to live in their house?

This, my friends, is the condition of Pakistan and its people. I would not say the word ‘today’ with it because this is the condition of Pakistan since its creation. We have always been hearing that our country and our cricket team is passing from a difficult (usually the word ‘nazuk’ is used) period of time. But till how long are we going to say this? Those times had gone when we could say that Pakistan is a newly born state. More than sixty years have passed since the creation of Pakistan but we are more or less in the same condition as we were 61 years ago. Low literacy rate, poverty, increasing rate of corruption and the list goes on and on.

Let’s take a look at Israel or India. Both of the countries are the ‘age mates’ of Pakistan but they are far ahead us in advancement and development. They are much better than us because of their hard work and commitment but these two words are not in our dictionary.

If we ask why Pakistan is in turmoil today, from ordinary people the common reply would be America. But according to me it is us who are responsible for Pakistan’s fading condition as we invited them in the first place and ignored their presence till they established firm foundations in Pakistan. In spite of knowing the fact that Americans created misunderstandings amongst us so that we would become busy in fighting with our own family while they themselves would take over our house; we are not standing against it. Our example is of a person who knows poison kills but still eats it. We are letting foreigners weaken our foundations but are doing nothing except standing on a falling building and when it will fall only then we will realize our mistake.

I have seen people who talk about Pakistan’s fate that soon it’s going to be finished and dread over it but why can't we be like Napoleon who changed his fate. We have time to change it... save Pakistan before it is too late!

We talk about how rich our culture is, how great our religion is, but what's the point of these two things when we are not preserving our culture and following our religion. We all know that our poor condition is due to ignorance about Islam and its teachings but our so called leaders are also responsible for Pakistan’s indigent state. A leader plays a vital role in leading its nation towards success but we are those unfortunate people who after Quaid had not got even a single devoted leader. Today we are left with either Musharraf who is loved by Pakistanis so much that they don’t want him to work or some national heroes who like all of us only criticize to the extent that now people have started ignoring him, or some democrats. Our future is at the hands of Mr Zardari and Mr Sharif who at the moment are busy in solving their own misunderstandings so solution of our problems can wait least for a year or two.

Now it is to us to work hard and give back to our country Pakistan and truly make it a land of pure. Now is the time to stand for our rights and now is the time to save Pakistan from falling into wrong hands before it's too late!

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