Sydney, Age 10, Phoenix, AZ

As everyday goes I'm begging my mom for a new pillow. She says I have too many pillows, but I only have a thousand. How is that a lot?  She told me "Feathers, you're not getting a new pillow." I thought that was rude since I ALWAYS got a new pillow. So I stormed into my room.

I'm VERY good friends with my pillows, so we always talk. I went on and on about how I wanted to be the pillow queen. They were such great listeners, they NEVER even talked back! Boy, were my pillows the best. After a while I began to feel tired, but I couldn't go to sleep now. Then out of nowhere I heard "Hola Feathers!"

I opened my eyes to see a strange thing, or was it a person? It was too weird. I heard the same strange person or thing say " Feathers, don't be scared of the Pillow Queen." Now I had to take some action, so I said " I AM the Pillow Queen! Why would I be scared of myself!?" He replied "You lost me there. Since the Pillow Queen lives in that pillow castle over there!"

I turned around to see the pillow castle, it was made of so many pillows. More than I owned. I finally couldn't hold my question in so I blurted it out "Who are you and where am I?!?!" " Oh I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Mr. SleepAmerica, over there is Ms. Temperpetic, my brother is Mr. SleepNumber and last but not least little Miss PillowPrincess."

"I see," I said "Now where am I?"

"You are in PillowTopia. We're going to go eat, want to come?"

"No," I said." My mom says not to eat with strangers."

"Well, that's too bad. Since we're having pillow burritos!"  I thought: pillow burritos, GROSS! I wanted to go home. I actually wanted to be with my mom today. Or is it already tomorrow because I am confused now!

My mom was shaking me and saying "Feathers I'm sorry I didn't let you get a pillow, want to go get 1 now?" I opened my eyes and said " Mom! I'm so glad to see you. I was in this place called PillowTopia and there were these weird people or things!" I ran and hugged her. She looked shocked and said "You were dreaming. I was downstairs sorting bills and I heard you scream. So I ran up stairs and you were sleeping and dreaming."

It was strange so I followed her into the car. Once we were about five blocks from my house I said "Mom, I don't need a new pillow. Let's go home." She smiled and we turned around and went home. Once we were home I said "Can we have burritos?" She said "How about pillow burritos?" I shrugged and said "Fine with me."

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