I Cannot Write a Poem
Brendan, Age 12, Easton, CT

I cannot write a poem - I can’t, I really would.
I cannot write a poem, if only that I could.
But when I came to school today, I had a big surprise.
A werewolf came out of the woods, right before my eyes.
And that werewolf, he ripped up all my paper.
I said “Sir please stop” ‘cause I knew I’d need it later.
I ran away to save myself, pencil in my hand.
Then a vampire rose up, yes, right up through the sand.
He leaned over, you know what he did, he bit my pencil in two.
I started to run away but I tripped on his shoe.
I ran on to the school, dust rising in my wake.
From there I heard the bell, and knew that I was late.
The security guard stepped from the shadows; wanting to see my bag.
I don’t know why, perhaps to see what I had.
Then he pulled out my phone, followed by my bear
He turned on me and shouted out, “That’s not allowed in there”
He stole my pack and then threw me towards the school
Quickly I scrambled up trying to look cool.
I walked into school, knowing what to do I headed to room 109
For in this room, I happened to know was the next class of mine
I tried to sneak in but the teacher gave me a poem to write
She said in an evil voice "you’ll stay here till tonight"
Time’s up? Uh oh! All I have is this list of excuses.
You like it? Really? No kidding!
But that was when she threw it

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