Rescuing a Baby Squirrel: The True Story of Snickers
Kevin, Age 13, Dallas, TX

One day I went out to play under our big oak tree.  I looked up into the branches and saw a baby squirrel.  He was crawling on the limb.  And then something bad happened!  He lost his balance and I watched in horror as he fell to the ground.  I tried to run over and catch him but I was not quick enough.  When I looked at him, he had a tiny bit of blood on his nose. He was so young, his eyes were still closed. I told my mom and she said we would have to take care of him until he was well and big enough to climb better. 

We headed to the store to get puppy milk and a bottle for our new baby.  We got caught in a bad storm.  We could not see through the rain and had to pull over.  When the storm passed we went on to the store and got what we needed.

When we got back home, we put the squirrel in a dog crate with hay and limbs.  The hay was to keep him warm and the limbs were for him to practice climbing.  We fed him milk and played with him. He crawled and jumped and then went to his crate.  He slept in the utility room for the night.  He needed a name so we thought about it and decided on Snickers.

We took care of Snickers every day.  One day while I was on break from home schooling, I went to play with him.  He looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes and I knew I was the first person he ever saw. I rushed to tell my mom.

Our baby squirrel grew bigger and bigger and needed more room. So we got him a bigger cage.  We put hay and bigger limbs in it.  He was old enough to eat acorns and corn and we also gave him treats such as apples, oranges, and pumpkin. His favorite was grapes. He peeled the skin away and nibbled the juicy fruit inside.

When we went to visit my grandma and grandpa and uncle, Snickers got to go with us.  My grandma works at a pet shelter and when we went out there, Snickers had to stay home in a dog crate. While we were gone, he chewed a hole in the crate and got out!  When we got back he was sitting on top of the crate chewing on a juicy grape.  My grandma tried to catch him but he did not know her and he fussed at her and tried to run away. She yelled for my mom to come get him. We stayed a few more days and went home.

One day my grandma, grandpa and uncle came to visit us. Snickers was old enough to be released so we all went to Walmart to get a house for Snickers. We got a big plastic canister and nailed it to the tree so he would have a bed until he could make a nest in the tree tops.  We put hay in it to keep him warm.  We cut an emergency exit in case an owl or one of our cats blocked the entrance. My mom put grapes and strawberries at the base of the tree.

The time had come. We placed Snickers in the bed we made.  He ran a little ways up the tree and looked back down at us with a smile. Then he climbed even higher in freedom. Now he could make squirrel friends and live the happy life that squirrels were meant to live.

He still comes down the tree and takes food from our hands. Look out your window. Do you see Snickers? 

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