My Story
Danielle, Age 15, Minnesota

She made me trust you
She made it feel okay
To seat myself beside a man
who was two times my age

At first you were so friendly
you made me feel alright
you earned a trust that was so strong
I thought you were okay

Did you push aside your values?
Your wife, your job, your kids?
to be with a girl that was so young...
nearly young enough to be your kid

I know she didn't know better
or at least she didn't say
that you were in the state of mind
to treat a girl that way

I wish you didn't touch me
I wish I didn't try
to act the age of a man
who is so tricky, sneaky, and sly.

Tee night we met
it cut me deep
and caused pain in my heart
I knew I wasn't able to live my life
and keep my new fresh start

I hurt so bad
So deep inside
I became a work of art
to knives, meds and razor blades
and music that was dark

I took too much
and cut too deep
I couldn't keep it inside.
My school found out and called my mom
I guess I nearly died.

You made me keep this secret
A secret deep and dark
Eventually it hurt so bad
I needed to get help.

My doctor called my therapist,
my mom, and then the police.
I finally got my secret out
after treatment for eight weeks.

My pain still lives inside me
Although I am not sad
You are the one in trouble
and therefore I am glad.

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