Survival of Our Nature
Ashna, Age 11, Pickering, ON

From the clean white coat of snow on hills,
To the colour of birds from wings to bills,
The marsupials with their soft comfy pouch,
To the green sleepy sloth hanging with a slouch,
The sound of fresh water flowing in the Nile,
To the bumpy, pointy snout of a green crocodile,
The game of survival for hard working mammals,
To the hairy flopping humps of Bactrian camels,
The thin stem of a three leaf clover,
To the sharp little beak of a spur-winged plover,
The soft white pedals of a small sweet Mongolia,
To the strong front teeth of an endangered rodentia,
All these lives, the world has seen,
So letís work together to keep it green!

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