Sarah's Stars

Suzy Lee. Wave
Chronicle Books  $15.99  ISBN 978-0-8118-5924-0  40 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

A playful little girl and a flock of seagulls stare curiously at an ocean wave. She makes faces, stares in wonder and dances in it. Oh no! A huge one is coming in, right over her head! She runs away, stops to make a face and gets doused. After the little girl glares at her predicament, she decides to make the best of her wet situation and collect the new shells that have washed up on the beach and play once more with her new friend, the wave.

A story told only in pictures can easily go from a great concept to kind of pointless. But Suzy Lee's delightful summery book maintains the innocent charm of splashing in the waves at the beach as a young child with the help of streamlined art and a chaotic frenzy of bright blue ocean waves, and a bonus- It's interesting! The contrast between the black and white beach and the colourful water is very pleasing to the eye and the simple story of the little girl will resonate with young readers and their parents (and probably give them a desire to go the beach for the day).

It is a visual delight that makes an excellent addition to any picture book collection or library. I really enjoyed Wave and I certainly hope Suzy Lee will create more books like this.

I give Wave four stars.


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