Back in Time
Sydney, Age 10, Phoenix, AZ

My mom told us one day she would take us for a drive. When that day came she meant a drive. We drove through crystal clear mountains, past bodies of water bigger than 5 of my houses put together. We drove through prairie with beautiful blue skies, with clouds puffier than a pillow. We went on this drive all day. I began to fall asleep but the yell of my sister kept me up. "Searra! Wake up! Look!" We were driving past Mount Rushmore! It was so pretty!

Then all of a sudden; "Madame Searra, please pass the tea." I looked down to see myself wearing a dress from the 1890's! I was at some type of Tea Party, maybe of a different species! Then the President Of The Unites States walked in. "Searra, please put this in order according to date!" I tried not to say anything but "Of course" slipped out. He handed me the papers. August 4th, 1891! Astonishing! I was back in time!

I tried to force my eyes open, but they already were open. When the President came back in he was furious to see that I was standing there, stiff as could be, not sorting. He stormed up to me, ripped the papers out of my hand and kicked me out. It was foggy and dusty. Stage coaches pulled by horses were being pulled. Even if I was awake I had to wake up from this.

I looked down at myself again. This time I found a dirty, dusty, ripped dress. It had stains and the least bit of bright color possible. I walked into a gown store to see some beautiful gowns. I looked down to see a nice light violet dress on me. This was strange but I was kind of enjoying this. But I wanted my mom, my sister and wanted to be home.

When I walked out of the store my dirty and dusty dress was back on. I wondered if there was some type of queen! I hadn't studied much of this subject so I didn't know. I walked probably a half mile in torn shoes to a stable. Some of the prettiest horses were there. And some not so pretty. I asked the stable manager if I could ride 1. He wouldn't let me unless I told him my name. I guessed my name was still Searra so I told him "My name is Searra Johanson and I live in South Dakota!"

He was shocked to hear that and just shook his head and shooed me out. I walked along the rocky road. My feet hurt very bad and I bet they were bleeding. I looked back at my tracks to see no blood. That was a relief. But that didn't stop my feet from hurting! I finally came along a patch of grass just big enough for me to squeeze up in and lay down. I flipped onto my back and starred at the sky. I feel asleep and woke up to the same patch of grass. Maybe I could go back to my mom now!

As I walked I noticed my feet didn't hurt, I wasn't wearing a dress and I was holding my sister's hand. We were walking the parade of flags. This entire time was like a flashback, way back! I asked my mom what had happened and she told me "We got drowned in the past." I didn't know what that meant and I couldn't ask a 5 year old sister.

As we headed home I tried not to go to sleep at all. I told my mom about my adventure. I was still confused because it really wasn't a dream. But I thought of what my mom said "We got drowned in the past." For the rest of the ride home I sat and thought about it. Then it hit! I smiled and said, "She's a psychic." I forgot about that and knew that was what we were learning in class.

Boy, was my story exciting! My 3rd grade class thought I was nuts. But my teacher was applauding and cheering. I automatically got an A and passed to the 4th grade. This was exciting. Who ever knew a trip in the car could bring you a year ahead in a day!

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